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Exciting news!! A few weeks ago, I did a podcast interview with Tony Frederico from Paleo Magazine!! It is up and ready for your listening pleasure. I have not listened to it because I am super self-conscious! So, you’ll have to listen and tell me what you think! Check it out here!

I love blogs! There is something so fun about seeing what other people create or how they workout or how they live. I love spending time being inspired by blogs! Here are some of my absolute faves:

1) Ohsheglows


Angela does an absolutely amazing job at making vegan food easy to prepare and look decadently beautiful! Some of my faves are her roasted butternut squash, kale salad and roasted brussels sprouts. Her blog is definitely the first one I look at! I am super jealous of her camera and lenses!


2) UrbanPoser

pumpkin biscuit long 3-002

Jenni’s story is amazing! She has overcome so many obstacles to be where she is today! Way to go girl! She also has mad food photography skills that I covet. I love so many of her recipes but my faves are her bacon chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake balls and cheddar pumpkin chive coconut flour biscuits. She makes eating Paleo super fun and delicious!

3) PaleOMG


Guilty pleasure. Juli is hilarious. And she swears which is really entertaining. She comes up with some of the weirdest combos of Paleo foods. She is always mixing it up which is fun. I love her blueberry chai muffins! They are to die for!!


4) AgainstAllGrain


Again, with the mad photography skills! Danielle is a chef in San Fran who creates these gorgeous and easy to duplicate Paleo dishes that are perfect for anyone!! I love her creativity and desire to be as “clean as possible”. She is a little more “gourmet” than some others which is fun to try out seeing as how I am kind of a simpleton when it comes to food. I love her pumpkin spice cookies!!

So, if you haven’t checked these ladies out yet, you have to do it!! Seriously, your life will never be the same!!

What blogs do you read??

    • Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff
    • January 24, 2013

    Thanks for this! I’m just getting in to Paleo, so it’s nice to have some leads on places to go for recipes. I love the stuff I’ve tried from Oh She Glows and PaleOMG. The other two you mentioned are next on my list now!

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