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“Get Some” Milkshake and Ice Cream


If you have been following this blog at all, you are well aware of my love for bulletproof coffee. There’s nothing better then starting my day with a mug full of creamy coffee goodness. Sometimes I go crazy and splash a little vanilla or cinnamon in there. Woah. It’s crazy good. If you haven’t tried it, you should race over and get reading!

As I was surfing the web at the Cutlured Caveman the other day, I came across this amazing post on making Bulletproof ice cream. Intrigued, I made my first batch when I got home that night. It.Was.Amazing!!!


The first batch I made into popsicles, the second into ice cream (sans ice cream maker which I don’t suggest) and third into a milkshake. The milkshake was by far my favorite way to indulge in this amazing recipe.

Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof Executive, says:

“That’s right.  About an hour after eating this special blend of high fat awesomeness, your body gets a signal that says, “I am in a land of plenty,” which translates, in evolution-speak to, “It is time to mate. NOW.” Women in particular are most impacted by this side effect of ice cream, but it also works on men. I’ve shared this recipe with enough people to be pretty sure I’m not just making this up.

As I wrote about in the Better Baby Book, your genes are generally in one of two phases: growth mode and defense mode.  Your body goes into defense mode when faced with unnatural stress such as low fat, low calorie diets.  It starts to pay less attention to nonessential functions like, well, sex.  Not to mention that eating a high toxin diet will give you cancer.

Fat is one of the most satisfying foods on the planet.  Unfortunately, most ice cream doesn’t contain good fat, and it has lots of other crap in it.  Regular ice cream has loads of refined sugar, colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavors.  These compounds can cause mental problems, blood sugar crashes, and of course, fat gain.

That’s one reason I created a hormone boosting, muscle building, fat melting ice cream concoction that you can eat without having to call it a “cheat.”  The other reason is that I wanted to increase my wife’s (and my) fertility before we had children. I made this recipe to provide maximum taste without compromising health.  Ice cream is now a health food.”

After reading that I was convinced enough to go for it and make it. Let me say this, it totally works ;0) and tastes uh-mazing! So, get yourself into the kitchen and whip this up!!


“Get Some” Ice Cream


  • 4 whole eggs (pastured of course)
  • 4 yolks (in addition to the whole eggs above)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 gram vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or 10 drops apple cider vinegar or lime juice to taste.
  • 100 grams (7 tbs) grass-fed butter
  • 100 grams (7tbs) coconut oil (or substitute half  Upgraded Cacao Butter for amazing taste)
  • 50 grams (3tbs + 2tsp) MCT oil (important for consistency)- I have been subbing this for 1/4 cup coconut milk.
  • 80 grams (5.5tbs) xylitol or erythritol
  • ~100 grams water or ice (just under 1/2 cup; add less than you think you need, then increase the amount).
  • (optional) 1/4 to 1/2 cup of low-toxin Upgraded Chocolate powder- I used Trader Joe’s cocoa powder and prefer the vanilla flavor over the chocolate.


  1. Blend everything but the water/ice in blender. It takes a while to get the butter blended into perfect creaminess.
  2. Add water or ice and blend some more until well blended. Ideally, you want a yogurt-like consistency for creamy ice cream, or add more water for a firmer, icier texture
  3. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and turn it on. Or, do what I do and blend it   in the blender and drink asap! Sooooo good!!!


This will make perfect consistency ice cream.  Enjoy it, and share with your partner.  Wait an hour ;0)