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Tim’s 30th Birthday

Yesterday was Tim’s 30th Birthday. 30. Wow. I feel young all of a sudden :0) It was a fabulous day. I made Tim french toast out of Dave’s Killer Bread, yumm (I had an egg white omlett with almond butter and raspberries!) I also made cupcakes, which I haven’t done in years!! I used to eat frosting by the can, but today, I am proud to say I did not crave/want/eat a single cupcake or lick of frosting!

Next, I told Tim I was kidnapping him to give him a surprise ;0) I am stealthy, let there be no doubt about that. He had no idea which was great! We drove to the Clackamas Town Center and parked.

As we walked through the nutso parking lot, I handed him an iPod App gift card. He was like, ok, what do I do with this?? I said, “hey look! There’s an iMac store! Wanna go in?”.

After that, we grabbed lunch @ Subway and headed to McMenamins Edgefield, where he was going to golf and I was going to save us tables for our dinner party. However, McMenamins was absolute chaos at 2, so we did a last minute venu change to our house. Yikes! I drove to the store for party foods and rushed home to clean my house! Erica came over to help and keep me company :0)

We had quite the spread: lime/blue corn chips, veggies, hummus, salasa, ak-mak crackers, cheeze-its, fruit, popcorn and delicious Kamut Krispie squares that were Delish!!! We also had a raging full bar and soda galore!

Then, our wonderful friends started showing up!

We are so very blessed to have great friends!!!

Happy Birthday, my one and only! I love you!